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The people in Divako are truly experienced specialists in devices across platforms and technologies for remote reading & IoT network systems.

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Managing remote metering hardware     

We read all the IoT devices you have or want to install. If you are looking for devices, you can trust that we meticulously select and resell only the best remote devices in the market. Our validation process ensures that the products we provide are top-notch and reliable for all your metering needs.



Monitoring & consolidating  
IoT networks     

We specialize in managing and configuring robust IoT networks tailored to your requirements. Whether you prefer us to handle network management or you wish to manage your network within our platform, we offer the flexibility and tools necessary to ensure optimal network performance.



Parsing, harmonizing & validating data     

Divako’s advanced data collection and sorting mechanism enable you to effortlessly gather and analyze your device data no matter who produced the hardware, or distributed the data. Our platform offers intuitive visualization and insights, ensuring you make informed decisions based on accurate data.



Empower your data with the unmatched API library     

Our software is designed to not just store and analyze your data but to also facilitate smooth integration with other software applications. Whether you’re looking to feed validated data to billing solutions or other third-party platforms, Divako’s ready APIs ensure hassle-free data transfer.

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Who is it for? Areas of expertise.

At Divako, we revolutionize IoT simplicity, catering to all—from wM-Bus to LoRaWan and Nb-IoT enthusiasts. With over five years in the IoT sphere, we understand your frustration with proprietary clouds and limited software solutions. We offer a unified solution for parsing, viewing, and connecting your data seamlessly across platforms, ensuring total control and integration for your IoT needs.


Divako delivers a complete finished IoT platform to gain control of sensor data such as water meters, temperature, pressure and much more.

Condominiums and Housing Associations

The most adaptive and competitive solution in the market ta manage cost distribution between homes accurate and fair.

Use cases. Thousands of devices read every hour from smart metering projects

Divako is constantly receiving data from thousands of devices, specially water and energy meters for municipalities and condominiums all over. Here are some examples of our work.

More Data, Reduced Time, and Better Environment for Oslo Municipality.

From manual collection of meter values using traditional "drive-by" to IoT remote reading, over 5,000 meters, from DN25 to DN32, are read directly to the cloud. A combination of wM-Bus, Nb-IoT, and Divako is included in the solution.

Remote Reading in Asker

The combination of LoRaWAN & wM-Bus technology, concentrators, battery and solar cell gateways, and a wide range of meter variants, with a number well over 20,000, makes the project unique in a Nordic context.

LoRaWAN Network and Water Meters in Sandnessjøen

Alstahaug was a pioneer and one of the first municipalities in Norway with a LoRaWAN network for water meters on a large scale. Good users of our solutions, over several years. Uses Europe's best-selling piston meter, V200 with LoRaWAN.

Sustainability. Environmental impact of smart metering

Smart meters are essential building blocks for the transition towards to assist there transition towards a greener environment. Frequent and efficient billing evidently leads to more conscious consumption. Collecting and monitoring exact data allows the utility to work with consumers to reduce energy usage and integrate various sources of renewable energy.


Accurate metering leads to better overview and smarter consumption.

energy bills

Smart metering enables to react changing energy prices in real time.

Quickly discovered leaks

Our software discovers automatically possible leaks and thus energy loss.

For consumer: Data in your pocket

Relevant household data now conveniently available in the Divako mobile app facilitating full control of your own consumption, comparable with previous periods and all history available.

DriveBy: Seamless Meter Reading on the Go

We are experts in managing remote reading networks. However, if you prefer to collect your devices with drive by solution or you just miss some of the meeters, we also have a leading solution for that. Our DriveBy app provides live collection with map view for planner, or ad-hoc readings.

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