Use cases. Hundreds of successful smart metering projects

Divako has delivered several thousand water and energy meters to municipalities and condominiums all over the Norway. Here are some examples of our work.

LoRaWAN Network and Water Meters in Sandnessjøen

Alstahaug was a pioneer and one of the first municipalities in Norway with a LoRaWAN network for water meters on a large scale. Good users of our solutions, over several years. Uses Europe’s best-selling piston meter, V200 with LoRaWAN.

Remote Reading in Asker

The combination of LoRaWAN & wM-Bus technology, concentrators, battery and solar cell gateways, and a wide range of meter variants, with a number well over 20,000, makes the project unique in a Nordic context.

More Data, Reduced Time, and Better Environment for Oslo Municipality.

From manual collection of meter values using traditional “drive-by” to IoT remote reading, over 5,000 meters, from DN25 to DN32, are read directly to the cloud. A combination of wM-Bus, Nb-IoT, and Divako is included in the solution.